Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

The student’s satisfaction survey by NAAC primarily focuses on teaching-learning and evaluation. This survey consists of multiple question types that collect feedback about multiple aspect of the school. The student’s responses are collected and analyzed. The result of the survey summarized the expectation of the students and the extent to which the College was able to meet these expectations. The survey can also help to draw out student’s view and experiences regarding various aspects of the teaching-learning and evaluation process.

 Objectives of the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

 • To measure the level of satisfaction amongst student’s regarding the teaching-learning and evaluation process.

• To know the opinion of the students pertaining to various aspects of teaching learning and evaluation as well as whether the institution caters towards the student’s needs and interests.

• To identify and assess various shortcomings of the institution.

• To formulate strategic action plan towards ensuring the provision of quality education with emphasis on student’s aspirations, needs and interests.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)