Infrastructure Committee

Chairperson :                                         Principal

Member Secretary :                           Mrs. N. Y. Sohtun


  1. Mrs. B. Mawlong
  2. Ms. R. Dkhar
  3. Sir B. Laloo


The Infrastructure Committee has been formed to address the problems faced by the students in collaboration with the administration/authorities regarding the infrastructure issues. The infrastructure of a College plays a vital role in the development of the College as the students are now focusing on the buildings, classrooms, laboratories, canteen, playground, hostel facilities etc while selecting a College. It is important that the College should have a very good and state of the art infrastructure.


The objective of the Infrastructure Committee is to serve the student community in providing a better life in College campus by shortening the resolution time of problems and pre-emptively handling impending infrastructure issues. The other objective of the Committee is to maximize the infrastructural well-being of the student community by handling all infrastructure related activities/issues in the College.

Functions of the Infrastructure Committee:

The Infrastructure Committee acts as a liaison between the student community and the administrative body viz., Administration, Systems, Building & Maintenance Management Team for all infrastructure issues. The Committee coordinate with various stakeholders to improve the infrastructure and other facilities. The Committee members coordinate with the administrative bodies in reviewing and improving the existing facilities and meet with them every now and then to assess the developments in College campus. The Committee provides suggestions to the infrastructural changes needed for flawless functioning and in creating a favourable campus environment for the students. The Committee strives to make students’ stay comfortable by creating an environment to remain focused on improving their knowledge and advancing their skills. The Committee collaborates with other committees of the College, helping in their smooth functioning by providing the requirements and infrastructure, assigning dedicated areas and supervising their activities during college events. The Committee is involved in suggesting design changes to the areas designated for the canteens, parking and other recreational spaces in the College campus. The Committee also reviews the current infrastructural needs and ensures the availability and maintenance of College campus facilities for a pleasant stay of the student community.




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