About Us

Nabon Women’s Synod College, a College meant exclusively for women, was sponsored by the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi as a project in the field of higher education. In fact, the College is named after the first Khasi lady, Nabon Kharsawian (from Sohra), to pioneer education in Khasi Hills. The College was set up on the 1st August 1996 when it was granted the necessary permission from the Directorate of Public Instruction of the State. It was registered under the Societies Registration Act XII of 1983 on the 11th March 1998 and was subsequently affiliated to the North Eastern Hill University in the year 1998, and Permanent Affiliation was granted in the year 2009. In the year 2014, the name of the College was changed from Nabon Synod College to Nabon Women’s Synod College

The College started functioning initially in the afternoon, on the premises of Synod College, Jaiaw, Shillong, thanks to the then Principal of Synod College, (L) Shri. E. M. Sohkhlet, whose guidance and various assistance to Nabon Women’s Synod College in its formative stage have not passed unacknowledged.

Nabon Women’s Synod College started functioning with an enrolment of 106 students in 1996 under the helm of the founder Principal Smt. S. Sohkhlet. From a humble beginning, the enrolment gradually rose from one academic session to another with the passage of time. In June 2002, the College shifted from Synod College premises, to its own College Building on its own permanent site, a plot of land, in Mission Compound, Shillong, measuring 26,000 sq.ft or so, donated to the College by the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod. Facilities both for students and for staff are being steadily made possible each year with the progress of construction work of the College Building.

Nabon Women’s Synod College is the only Women’s College located in this part of the city. It draws its students not only from Shillong and its suburbs, but a sizeable number of students hailing from rural areas of Meghalaya are on the roll of this College from one academic session to another.

The K. J. P. Synod Sepngi which is now the Sponsoring Body of Nabon Women’s Synod College, continues giving its most-needed financial assistance to the College, through its annual contribution with unwavering zeal and concern. We view all this gesture with sincere gratitude.

Considering the fact that Nabon Women’s Synod College is a pioneer in fostering women’s education in this particular area for the past twenty-five years, its role in the educational well-being and upliftment of women is of immense value and significance.

Our Vision

  1. To provide education at the college level to young women who wish to have higher education under Christian auspices.
  2. To provide education, which will inspire the students for selfless and dedicated service wherever they may be called in any part of the city.
  3. To provide as far as possible education of a high standard of scholarship and learning and to prepare students for their life-work as responsible citizens of the society.
  4. To provide education, which will inspire the students to formulate Christian attitude towards social, economic, political education and moral issues of the society.

Our Mission

While the basic objective in setting up the College was to bring in value based education for women, the broader purpose was to contribute towards the social upliftment and empowerment of women through the promotion of higher education. The focus was to be on students who come from rural and remote areas, self-supporting students, and students who come from the financially marginalised strata of society.

Our Core Values

Pursuit of excellence, women empowerment and holistic development.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)