Rules & Regulations


  1.  The College gives utmost priority for discipline and everyone, including students and staff members, are bound to follow  and maintain strict discipline.
  2.  Under disciplinary action, the Principal is empowered to take necessary action.
  3.  Students must observe strict discipline in the campus; behave with dignity and courtesy to the Principal, faculty members, administrative staff, visitors and fellow students.
  4.  The students should stand up and wish the teacher when he/she enters the class.
  5.  Students should not bring discredit to the College or to themselves. Insubordination and rude behavior of any kind inside or outside the College will be severely dealt with.
  6.  Students are expected to keep decency and decorum in their behavior. Every Student shall conduct themselves in such a way to cause no disturbance to the working of the classes or to fellow students. They must conform to the high standards of modesty maintained by the institution.
  7.  Students are not allowed to bring their friends or relatives inside the campus for any reason whatsoever. Kindly take written permission from authority if the above is essential.
  8.  Students should not enter the  principal’s room, office room, staff room or without permission.
  9.  Loitering and Lounging in the College campus is strictly prohibited.
  10.  Students are expected to take care of the College property and help in keeping the premises neat and clean. Disfiguring of walls, doors or breaking the furniture is a breach of discipline and will not be tolerated. The cost of any damage, if caused to College property will be charged to the accounts of the students responsible for the damage in addition to disciplinary action.
  11.  Students should not take any sort of eatables in the classroom and should not throw papers, empty bottles in the campus premises / classroom.
  12.  While using library books students must take care that no damage is done to the books. Causing damage to the library books will make a student liable to pay a fine/ replacement of the book/s.
  13.  Students should be regular and punctual in attending the classes and all activities connected with the College. No student is allowed to enter the classroom or leave the classroom during class hours without the permission of respective authority.
  14.  It is mandatory to maintain silence, hygiene and cleanliness in the campus. Strict silence should be maintained during class hours in the Classrooms, Library, Examination halls and in the College premises. Mobile phones should be turned off or in silent mode during classes.
  15.  Internal tests and assignments are part of the curriculum and students should be sincere in taking these tests and timely submissions. They should not indulge in any kind of malpractice during examinations or tests.
  16.  Students are expected to come to the college neat and clean. Wearing of College Id card is mandatory on all days inside the campus.
  17.  It is necessary to have your Library Card with you, when you are using the Library/Reading room in the campus.
  18.  Political activities and the functioning of student organizations are strictly banned in the Campus. Unofficial meetings, strikes, demonstrations, agitations, and fund collection are strictly prohibited. Students who violate the rules are liable to be dismissed from the College.
  19.  Smoking, consumption of tobacco, alcohol / drugs is strictly prohibited in the campus and vicinity of the campus.  Stringent actions will be taken against those who will indulge in such activities.
  20.  Ragging in any form inside or outside the College campus and hostel is banned. Senior students found indulging in ragging junior students will be dismissed from the institution.
  21.  There shall not be any discrimination against any community or category of students of the College, failing which immediate stringent action will be taken against the erring students / officials / faculty members.
  22.  All lost property should be brought to the college office.
  23.  Kindly avoid wastage of water, electricity and other resources.
  24.  Students must abide by the rules and regulations in force as well as other rules prescribed by the College from time to time. Thus, in the interest of the students, strict discipline has become the watch word of the College.
  25.  It is the responsibility of the students to read notices on the notice boards for the latest activities / instructions by the College.




(MATTHEW 11: 29)