Rules and Regulation

In order to cater to the needs and usefulness of the users’ community of the library as a whole, the Library Advisory Committee  has further created the rules and regulation as mentioned below:-

  1. All students must avail oneself of the library facility to enhance their academic performance.
  2. Students must collect the Library Borrower’s Card from the Librarian.
  3. Wallet/Purse and mobile phone (in silent mode) must be kept with the students for safety. Otherwise, the library will not be responsible in case of theft/loss.
  4. Students will not be allowed to enter the library without a valid College Identity Cards.
  5. On entering the library, students should record their attendance in the Register provided.
  6. Books will only be issued to a library member by producing their Students’ Identity Card and their Library Borrower’s Card.
  7. Library Borrower’s Cards are not transferable.
  8. Books are issued for a period of 7(seven) days only. A fine of C00 will be charged against students who fail to return the book within the prescribed period.
  9. Different subjects have their own respective shelves. So users are requested not to mix the books of one particular subject with those of another.
  10. Students caught stealing/damaging a book will be disallowed from using the library facilities and further disciplinary action will be taken against them by the Librarian.
  11. If any book is lost, damaged or defaced in any way, the Borrower will have to pay the cost of a new book.
  12. Library members are instructed not to bring casual visitors/friend or outsiders for using the library facilities.
  13. Students should maintain complete silence in and near the library.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)