The College felicitated the following students for securing First Division in the Final Semester Under-Graduate Examination, 2022 conducted by the North Eastern Hill University. The Felicitation programme was held on the 1st August, 2022 simultaneously with the celebration of the Foundation Day 2022. Mementos and Certificates of Appreciation were given to the students for their well deserved achievements.
  1. Ibansarai Thongni
  2. Pdianghun Lyngdoh Mawphlang
  3. Ritisha Lyngdoh
  4. Anthel Marngar
  5. Cariene Rozette Kharlyngdoh
  6. Ibadonbok Wanniang
  7. Basani Kharbuki
  8. Baiakmenlang Kharbudon
  9. Ibadari Nongrem
  10. Phibanity Pyngrope
  11. Unity Jyrwa
  12. Aitilin Jana
  13. Banrishisha Puwein
  14. Wonderfull Marwein
  15. Ridashisha Nongphud
  16. Emergency Khyllemkharai
  17. Tiewlapynshai Nongphod
  18. Larihun Iangjuh
  19. Minicracia Lyngdoh Mawphlang
  20. Banrilin Lyngkhei
  21. Ribianglin Mylliem
  22. Rithianghun Mawlong
  23. Emilahun Thawmuit
  24. Dapyntngenshisha Diengdoh
  25. Janailin Shangdiar
  26. Aitihun Wahlang
  27. Felisha Mary Nongsiej
  28. Rikynti Diengdoh
  29. Bestifull Kharshilot
  30. Barihun Thabah
  31. Kheinkor Lyngdoh
  32. Eurica Lyngdoh Nongkynrih
  33. Winnie Jones Diengdoh
  34. Rifulljoy Nongrang

Naphirisa Thangkhiew, a student of 3rd Semester represented the College in the Inter-College Poster Making Competition organised by the NSS Cell, North Eastern Hill University on ‘Menace of Substance Abuse’ and brought laurels to the College by securing 3rd prize.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)