Chairperson – Principal

Member – Secretary – Mrs. I. Manih


  1. Ms. C. C. L. Thabah
  2. Mrs. S. Nongrem
  3. Ms. I. L. Lyngkhoi
  4. Ms. M. V. Rani 

The basic principle of sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene includes accessible infrastructures to suit different types of needs. Specific approaches and sanitation management practices need to be adhered to.

Objectives of the Committee:

1. To create an enabling environment that secures human dignity, safety health and

overall well-being.

2. To increase campus awareness about good sanitation practices supported by

enabling and reinforcing factors that will lead to CPUs desirable campus changes

3. To combine cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene education and practical

implementation of these aspects in our college.

Cleanliness, Sanitation and Hygiene initiatives and methodologies:

   1.  Physical appearance: The Committee will work towards visual appearance,

cleanliness of administration blocks, clean pathways visibility of cleaning staff,

maintained lawns and gardens.

    2.  Overall Ambience of Washroom facilities: To ensure sanitation, the Committee will

inspect the toilets at the Principal’s office, staff room, administrative block, girls

common room, and academic block from time to time to keep it clean, neat and

odour- free.

   3.   Canteen and Kitchen Hygiene: The Committee would orient the canteen manager to

maintain hygiene standards of cooks, cook helpers, servers, washing staff and

dining halls daily.

     Orientation for Students and Teachers:

The College organised Orientation programme for teachers, students and non teaching staff in order to attain co-ordination for the sake of maintaining hygiene. The habit of wearing masks, physical distance, appropriate disposal of garbage, zero – tolerance for littering, minimum loitering and maintaining proper hygiene standard etc has been encouraged.

Safety measures:

  1. A Planned cleaning scheduled
  2. Using Proper Filteration for drinking water
  3. Engaging in the Deep Cleaning Method.
  4. Regularly Sanitize Bathrooms.






(MATTHEW 11: 29)