The College has introduced a Music Club from the Academic Session 2022-23 under the supervision of Mrs. H. Wanniang whereby a Certificate Course of 4 months in Tonic Solfa for which the students have to pay a fee of Rs 500/- per month, is offered to the students of the College.


Music is a prime necessity of life. Its study and practice give elegance, grace, gentleness and refinement to the person. It trains one to listen, deepens human emotions and harmonizes them. It awakens in each individual a craving for artistic expression and provides him with a type of experience that satisfies this craving. It makes the individual more friendly and capable of working harmoniously with others and causes him to listen to the effect of the whole and to subordinate his own desire to the total ensemble. It is so genuine, thoroughly fine that because of its beauty and purity it reaches deep down into the soul.

Keeping in mind the benefits derived from music, a need has been felt to constitute the Music Club on the 3rd May 2022 under the supervision/guidance of Mrs. E.C. Blah, Principal of the College as the Chairperson and Mrs. H. Wanniang as Member Secretary. The Club also consists of some teachers as the co-members. The purpose of the club is to encourage the students to read the universal musical notation including practice, exercise in breathing and voice culture. The Club also aims to give the students a glimpse of Khasi Traditional music through teaching of Folk Songs and playing some traditional musical instruments.


  • To introduce the students the basic understanding of Khasi Traditional Music.
  • To prepare the learners for stage performance.
  • To encourage students to actively participate in various music-based events conducted within the campus and outside the campus.
  • To enable the students to learn how to express themselves through rhythmic movements.
  • To train the students to develop professional skills in handling Folk or Traditional Musical Instruments.
  • To enable the students to recognize the music of famous composers and performers.
  • To teach the students to learn some ways of evaluating music performances and compositions.
  • To enable the students to appreciate the role of music in our culture and in the history of other cultures.
  • To develop in each student the talent for self-expression.
  • To provide mental relaxation and stimulate imagination through imitative rhythmic play.
  • To discover the particular branch of music, vocal or instrumental for which the pupil has special aptitude and to give training accordingly with a view to drawing the best from the students.


                The Music Club focuses in instilling a love for music in the students with the purpose of bringing to light the talents that might be laying dormant within an individual. The Music Club also helps to foster creativity and brings about unity and cooperation amongst students which in turn helps to develop love, tolerance, patience, sympathy, kindness which are the core values for a successful life in the society. Its specific function is to train the students to sing better by making use of their newly develop voices and skills with confidence and to discover and tap the hidden talents and interests in students which they have towards music, further provision of encouragement to gifted students, development of a critical ear, creation of interest in diverse musical forms and scope for attaining perfection in the creative expression of compositions.


 Music is an essential part of everyone’s environment. It is an aesthetic component in the world of experience and this aesthetic experience contributes to individual’s satisfaction in daily life. It is an activity which contributes towards emotional development in a variety of ways. It gives joy and happiness to the learners. Besides giving training to the ears and eyes, music club develops the power of concentration and memory. Having an education in music improves the working skills and teaches moral values such as responsibility, equality and discipline. The Music Club plays an important role for the students as it helped them to develop an interest in music, instrumental as well as vocal and also provides students with an opportunity to explore their creativity and develop their skills, which can lead to increase self-confidence and better grades.




(MATTHEW 11: 29)