The Literary Club of Nabon Women’s Synod College was constituted in on the 21st October 2021as part of the extra-curricular activities offered to the students. The Literary Club was set up with the intention to encourage and inspire our aspiring young writers to express their creative skills either in Khasi or in English language.  The Literary Club is under the supervision of our Principal Mrs. E. C. Blah as a Chairperson, Mrs. T. Malngiang as a Member Secretary and the members are Mrs. I. Kharshiing, Ms. K. Khongwir, Mrs. I. Kharsahnoh and Dr. I. Marwein.

The main composition of the Literary Club are as follows:



Literary Club is a place where students can meet and share their interests and choice in reading and writing. It is a Club meant for students who have a passion for literature, and love to share their experiences, their thoughts, their readings with others who have the same interest and talent. The Club helps the students to involve with others, instead of reading and writing alone at home. So, the Literary Club was formed to develop the speaking and writing skills of the students.



  • The aim of the Literary Club is to provide a platform to the students, where they can learn how to participate in various literary activities like debates, quiz, extempore, paper-presentation etc.
  • Literary club promotes writing skills by organizing story writing, poetry writing, slogan writing, report writing and article writing.
  • The Club will not only help in refining the literary skills of the students, but also develop in them the confidence to speak well.



  • The goal of the literary club is to develop self efficacy and confidence, so as to enhance the general knowledge of the students.
  • The club helps to benefit students in their writing and speaking skills.
  • The club aims to develop excellent communication skills and teaches students to think spontaneously.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)