She belonged to a family who were staunch followers of the Khasi religion. Nabon studied in the Mission Home in Nongsawlia with the Welsh missionaries. She was a bright and intelligent student who excelled in writing and reading both in Khasi and English. This was commendable as it was a period where girls were not encouraged to pursue education as in those days girls’ education was at its initial stage.

Nabon was trained and educated under the guidance of Mrs. William Lewis who not only provided her education but also introduced her to the Christian faith. It was after she started studying in Nongsawlia that Nabon became a Christian and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal saviour. However, the family members and clan of Nabon were very much against her new faith. They threatened and persecuted her but amidst all these tribulations, Nabon stood firm in her faith. She was brave and strong enough to defy her family’s threats, oppositions and persecutions and remained a devout Christian till her death in 1857.

To pioneer education in the Khasi Hills and in remembrance and honour of Nabon’s undaunted faith and valuable contribution in the field of education, the K.J.P. Synod established Nabon Women’s Synod College in 1996 which caters to women’s education and aim to uplift women in all walks of life.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)