Dr. (Mrs.) E.L. Marbaniang (HOD)

Qualification: M.A(NET), M. Phil, PhD Email: marbaniange@gmail.com Year of Joining:2005

Mrs. A. Nongkynrih

Qualification: M.AEmail: nongkynrihaudreena@gmail.com Year of Joining:2003

Mrs. V. W. Laloo

Qualification: M.AEmail: ruscer131@gmail.com Year of Joining:2010

Miss K. Khongwir

Qualification: M.AEmail: krissiekhongwir24@gmail.comYear of Joining:2021

Mrs. T. Malngiang

Qualification: M.A, M. PhilEmail: toroilangmalngaing@gmail.comYear of Joining:2001

Mrs. R. Lyngdoh

Qualification: M.A, M. Phil Email: rodalynelyngdohnongum@gmail.comYear of Joining:2004

Mrs. I. Manih

Qualification: M.A, M. PhilEmail: iba03manih@gmail.comYear of Joining:2007

Mrs. I. Kharsahnoh

Qualification: M.A, M. PhilEmail: ikharsahnoh2486@gmail.com@gmail.comYear of Joining:2014

Mrs. S. Nongrem

Qualification: M.A, M. PhilEmail: successnongrem12@gmail.comYear of Joining:2016

Mrs. F. Ryntathiang

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email: farianaryntathiang@gmail.comYear of Joining:1997

Miss L. Lyngdoh

Qualification: M.AEmail: lakyntiewlyngdoh2@gmail.comYear of Joining:2006

Miss W. Swer

Qualification: M.AEmail: ws004529@gmail.comYear of Joining:2015


Qualification: M.AEmail:shadaplakyntiewo@gmail.com Year of Joining:2022


Miss C. C. L. Thabah

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:catz.thabah@gmail.com Year of Joining:2015

Miss E. Mawlong

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:iban2sandor@gmail.comYear of Joining:2012

Miss I. Lyngdoh

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:euphriciamawlong@gmail.comYear of Joining:2013

Sir B. Laloo

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:bryan22laloo@gmail.comYear of Joining:2021

Mrs. B. L. Dkhar

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:babitalinadkhar@gmail.comYear of Joining:1998

Mrs. B. Mawlong

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:barishamawlong7@gmail.comYear of Joining:2004

Miss S. G. Sohliya

Qualification: M.AEmail:shabenasohliya@gmail.comYear of Joining:2008

Miss P. Kharasmai

Qualification: M.AEmail:phindalindalin@gmail.comYear of Joining:2021

Mrs. N.Y. Sohtun

Qualification: M.AEmail:newlinsohtun@gmail.comYear of Joining:1997

Mrs. I. Pathaw

Qualification: M.AEmail:ibadondorpathaw@gmail.comYear of Joining:2003

Miss C. M. L. Tron

Qualification: M.AEmail:cherrytron09@gmail.comYear of Joining:2016

Sir A. Lyngkhoi

Qualification: M.AEmail:lyngkhoia14@gmail.comYear of Joining:2021


Mrs. H. Wanniang

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:hwanniang2018@gmail.comYear of Joining:2006

Miss R. Dkhar

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:rihunlangdkhar@gmail.comYear of Joining:2007

Mrs. I. Kharshiing

Qualification: M.A(NET)Email:ibadajied83@gmail.comYear of Joining:2015

Miss I. L. Lyngkhoi

Qualification: M.A Email:Lyngkhoiiohkynti@gmail.comYear of Joining:2022

Dr. I. Marwein

Qualification: M.A(NET), PhD Email: identiciamarwein@gmail.comYear of Joining:2010

Miss M. V. Rani

Qualification: M.AEmail: mvicrani@gmail.comYear of Joining:2015



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