Admission Committee

This Committee was constituted on 2nd October 2021. The Admission Process is a matter of significance as it is vital to the reputation of the College. Selecting the right students and giving equal opportunities to all without any discrimination are the two main objectives of this Committee. A separate Committee is formed at the end of every academic year to look after the admission of the students for the subsequent year. The Committee guides and counsels the students to choose the right course of study. Details about the members of the Admission Committee and its functions are given below.

Admission Committee:

Chairperson:               Principal

Member Secretary: Mrs. I. Manih


  1. Mrs. B. L. Dkhar
  2. Mrs. H. Wanniang

Functions of the Admission Committee

  • To receive applications and scrutinize through the Admission Committee to confirm the eligibility.
  • To offer counselling on the contents of the programmes offered by the College.
  • To give priority to merit and maintain reservations as directed by the University.
  • To decide the concessions as stipulated by the Management and the University.



(MATTHEW 11: 29)